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Our proudest moments

For three decades we have been providing leadership and strategic management to teams of account managers, new business sales professionals and Account Consultants. We have been responsible for driving a culture of execution with a focus on obtaining new quality business, the conservation of existing accounts, increasing the profitability of the book of business, and the growth of additional lines of business to existing customers. We have delivered on the required execution and growth in businesses as well as working closely with all distribution channels, brokers, and consultants. We have also been responsible for following market trends, introducing new products, and growing market share in all segments.

We are most effective when directing department by providing strategy and related goals to day-to-day managers, ensuring overall client satisfaction and appropriate level of service delivery across all functional areas, developing and monitoring goals for staff and providing ongoing feedback and coaching. We have conducted performance reviews on an annual basis and actively managing performance issues. We have directed the employment activities of the office that include staffing, development, and training, ensuring staff meets all licensing requirements and comprehends and complies with sales and account management best practices, professional standards, internal policies, and procedures. We have helped determine departmental budget and conducts ongoing expense management, ensuring sales and account management staff are pursuing quality business that will be profitable and appropriate for the enterprise. We have developed and maintained relationships with accounts to enhance credibility and reinforce presence in the marketplace. We have approved and implemented changes and enhancements to product design, pricing, and sales strategy, in collaboration with Underwriting. Interfaces with key areas of the enterprise to ensure world-class service. We have conducted annual sales forecasting, determination of market potential, and the preparation of annual budgets, utilizing a consultative approach in managing the business. We have also managed enrollment teams to ensure all new clients and members are enrolled in the program in a timely and accurate fashion. We have been accountable for maintaining effective internal controls over the processes and transactions under areas of responsibility including the completeness and accuracy of financial information and transactions, compliance with applicable laws, and the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

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